How do I get started?

When are tryouts held?

Is there a fee for trying out?

What age groups are there?

How do I choose between the competitive and recreational levels?

Where will practices be held?

Where will games be played?

How many tournaments will be entered?

How long is the season?

What is the cost?

Will fundraising activities be available?



How to get started:


You're off to a good start by browsing our website.  If you are unable to find the information you're looking for, feel free to contact a member of the board of directors or any of our coaches listed under the DIRECTORS/COACHES link above.  They will be happy to assist you.

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When are tryouts held?:


Tryouts for all competitive teams take place towards the beginning of August.  Coaches can schedule their own individual tryouts on an as needed basis.  There are no tryouts for the recreational level however, all girls are encouraged to tryout for a competitive team.  This will also help you decide which level is best suited for you. 

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Is there fee for trying out?:


The Blaze does NOT charge any fee for trying out.

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What age groups are there?:


The Blaze fields teams including ages 8 to 18 in the 10 & Under to 18 & Under age groups.

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How to choose between the competitive or recreational levels?:


Your best option would be to attend one of our team's games in your age group.  This should give you a good idea of what is expected at each level of play.  Each team usually has a schedule posted on their site.  If you're asking yourself this question in the off-season, contact the head coach of the age group you're interested in or a member of the board of directors.

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Where will practices be held?:


Practices are primarily held in the Berthoud area but, there is a chance your coach may schedule time at an indoor hitting facility or other venue from time to time.

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Where will games be played?:


Most games are played up and down the front range of Colorado.  Competitive teams also have the option to play in tournaments throughout the US during the summer.  Recreational teams play in the Indian Peaks League and their games are primarily held on the weeknights along the front range from Fort Collins to Commerce City.

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How many tournaments will be entered?:


The number of tournaments will vary by team.  Most competitive teams play in 9 or more tournaments per season.  Each team decides the number of tournaments at their team meeting that is held once the team is formed.

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How long is the season?:


Competitive teams begin to come together after tryouts and have the option to start practicing right away.  Indoor practices begin in January.  The Tournament season kicks off in March and goes through mid July.

Recreational teams are formed in late March and begin practicing in April.  Games begin in mid April and run to mid July.

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What is the cost?:


The cost varies by team and depends greatly upon the number of tournaments the team elects to enter.  Recreational teams that choose not to play in any tournaments usually cost $125.00 or less.  The 2009/2010 season saw an average cost around $700.00 for the competitive teams.

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Will fundraising activities be available?:


All teams have the option to do fundraisers.  All fundraisers must be approved by the board of directors and the head coach.  Fundraisers will be discussed at the team meeting held at the beginning of the season.

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